Head Coach Michael

MIKE / Head Coach

About me
CrossFit wasn't an instant hit with me, in fact it was the opposite. I compared myself to others and didn't like that I wasn't 'good' so I avoided it. It lasted about two months until I cracked and just had to try it again - but this time with a different attitude. Over ten years on and I'm still developing in many ways, but most of that growth has happened between the eyes and ears, and it certainly wouldn't have happened if I wasn't introduced to CrossFit. My journey as a coach has also evolved in many ways, but most of that has been my goal becoming clearer. My goal as a coach is to guide people to their goals in a way that suits them, whilst removing that white noise of incorrect and unhelpful information that creates frustration and confusion. Whilst I love getting stuck into the science and tiers of coaching ability, the biggest fulfilment of my job is helping anyone and everyone who's willing to try.

CrossFit Coach Ojay

Ojay - Coach

About me
I’m a London born Personal Trainer and Crossfit Coach. Growing up life was all about sports with Football being my main sport of choice up until university. After university I went to live down in Australia where I decided to turn my passion for fitness into my career. After a few years of being a Personal Trainer I discovered Crossfit and fell in love with the variety, competitiveness and community. (Also fun fact, I’m vegetarian)

CrossFit Coach Camille

Camille - Coach

About me
I have been a trainer for over 10 years, starting my career as a Group Exercise instructor and PT, always looking to develop my knowledge in the discipline over the years. I started CrossFit as a way to challenge my own training and quickly qualified as a Coach as I enjoyed the diversity of the sport and wanted to share it.You can come with any requests or issue and will always be in safe hands as I am able to look after everyone, whether it is post injury, pre or post natal, kids and teens. I am also the one if you want to improve on your skills such as Gymnastics and Weightlifting. I aim to make every session challenging, teach you something, all whilst having a good time and some fun !

CrossFit Coach Kieran

Kieran - Coach

About me
Kieran is dedicated personal trainer with a passion for learning and coaching.
He started playing Australian Rules Football at an early age and since then he has always enjoyed discovering new sports, training hard and pushing himself to improve. He discovered Crossfit 14 years ago, and since then Kieran has excelled as a competitor in Crossfit, being the only male athlete to qualify for the Pacific Regionals championship every year since 2009.

Yoga Coach Mags

Mags - Yoga Coach

About me
Magdalena has been a yoga teacher for over 8 years. Having completed a myriad of yoga teacher training courses over the years, she has a passion for the yang yoga variations -including ashtanga vinyasa, vinyasa flow and power yoga not to mention hot yoga.

Her coaching/teaching style is energetic and enthusiastic aiming at providing as many alignment and body cues as possible throughout her classes. Her passion for coaching/teaching yoga stems from seeing her students/clients progress becoming stronger and more flexible in body and mind.

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