A celebration of women’s empowerment around health and fitness

The women's health and fitness market is changing.
United by a shared vision where a woman's body is no longer limited to society's; and our own personal limitations of what it should look like and do.

Join us at CrossFit Putney as we celebrate this movement of empowerment and hear from leaders in the field of health as they talk about their specialist areas of nutrition, the menstrual cycle, menopause, training for competition and how you can implement these strategies in your daily lives. We will also look at what more needs to be done to break down any remaining barriers in our journey.

Our experienced coaches and guest speakers will lead the day starting with a fitness class for all levels, followed by a yoga session then refreshments and networking. We will then kick start our panel talks and Q&A session where our speakers will guide the conversation around the exciting subject of the new chapter of women's fitness.


Our experienced CrossFit coaches Becs Sandwith, qualified Nutritionist and Sarah Molloy, will lead the day and will be joined by -


Our mission is to get you excited about learning how to use your bodyweight effectively and provide you with the right tools to ensure you can learn the movements with proper form. You should walk away from these workshops with a comprehensive understanding of new information that will allow you to work safely on the movements in your own time, ultimately leading to more progress overall. 

We can’t wait to meet you!

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