All our classes are designed to support you in your fitness journey no matter your fitness level! We have a range of classes from CrossFit, Sweat, Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Yoga, Build as well as monthly in-house events and workshops hosted by industry experts!


CrossFit Putney’s signature class. If you want it all this is the class for you- strength, power, endurance, stamina, agility, balance, mobility, CrossFit will make sure you develop each element of fitness without sacrificing another. We elicit change by performing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Our first class coaches will make sure that the mechanics of the movements and then consistency are first met to make sure you are moving safely.



Sometimes you just gotta Sweat. CrossFit Putney’s Sweat is a strength and conditioning class aimed at making functional fitness truly accessible and helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether it be losing weight, building strength, or both; all performed with the encouragement and guidance of our coaches. The workout is kept top secret- don’t worry, just turn up and trust that all the movements are low skill and adaptable to your fitness level and goals.

Members training using weights in the gym space.


Classes will consist of varied programming breaking the Clean & Jerk and Snatch into parts with numerous accessory and supplemental lifts to improve technique and efficiency combined with full versions of the movements. While CrossFit classes will also look at these, this is a great opportunity to focus more on the details.

A member using the wall-balls to exercise while two members train using a deadlift bag.


Build will give you the strong foundations for everything else to be built upon. Whether it be through the traditional methods such as squatting, deadlifting, pressing; using awkward objects such as atlas stones, sand bags, yolks; or combination of push and pull forces on CrossFit Putney’s unique track, Build is perfect for individuals who want to supplement their training with added strength work.

Members stretching during the power yoga class on mats.

Recovery Yoga

The perfect compliment to your strength and conditioning program at CrossFit Putney. Use this hour of flowing movement, with methods drawn from various yoga types for active stretching to improve your body awareness, reset and emerge with focus.

A member being guided on how to do a hand-stand walk by a coach.


In partnership with Frameshakers and Juan Forgia, our Calisthenics classes will make you a master of body weight movements such as dips, push ups, handstands and muscle ups. The classes aim to empower absolute beginners, challenging intermediaries and developing a strong community of athletes.


Personal Training

Prefer training 1 on 1?

Register your details below and we’ll give you a call to discuss your goals and how one of our Personal Trainers can help you reach them!

A group of people watching while being instructed by one of the coaches.

Corporate Class

Whether you are looking for a weightlifting class once a week for 10 of your employees, a Sweat class for 30 people each time, or a Yoga class every now and then we have the space to be able to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter the experience or fitness level of your workforce either. We can also include nutritional workshops in your company timetable held in collaboration with our partners pH Nutrition. Our packages are truly bespoke so if you are in charge of corporate wellness then get in contact to see what we can put together for you.


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