Covid-19 Protocols

General Rules For Members

Floor plan guide and procedures for members


  • Follow the 1 way walking system. Walking on the left at all times. The main front doors to the gym will be open at all times.
  • Please sanitize your hands as you enter the gym from outside. There will be a hygiene station located at the entrance.
  • Check in at the reception desk keeping 2m apart if queuing. Markings on the floor will show this.
  • If there is a queue, please proceed directly to the training zone 1, 2 or 3 depending on where your class is running. The receptionist will mark everyone that is in the class at some point during the hour. If there is no queue please check in at reception however.
  • The back entrance to the gym on Winthrope road will also be open at all times. If you are coming from the south side of Putney or via bike please try and use this entrance to reduce congestion further.
  • Face masks are not mandatory for people coming to the gym but we will have disposable face masks available at reception if people would like to use either when in the cafe or when participating in a class.

Changing Rooms

  • Only use the changing rooms if completely necessary i.e if you are coming to or from work. If you have a jacket / jumper with you, or just a few belongings then these can be taken into the training area and kept with you in your individual ‘zone’
  • Both changing room doors will be left open so touching of the door handle is not needed. This won’t risk anyone’s privacy however- we’ll still make sure there is no visibility into the changing rooms from outside.
  • The showers will be allowed to be used but please only use them if completely necessary.
  • The changing rooms will be limited to 5 people maximum at any one time. Please wait in the cafe seating area if someone has to leave before you can enter. Please adhere to social distancing in the changing rooms at all times.
  • All the lockers in the mens and womens changing area will be left open. If you want to put your items in the locker please keep the lockers open to avoid unnecessary touching of the locks. If you do want to properly secure your items in the locker then you can, but please wash your hands before and after, and spray and wipe the lock mechanism once it has been used using the spray bottle and paper towels in the changing room.
  • If you are using the hair dryers or hair straightener please sanitise the handles after your use. Only use this equipment if completely necessary.
  • After the class please pick up your stuff and use the corridor that leads towards the cafe area to leave the gym.
  • If you are using the mens changing room the fire escape door to the training area will be left open so you can go straight through here to your class to avoid congestion back to reception. Please follow the directions of the arrows from here.

Training Zones

  • When walking in and out of the training zones from reception please walk on the left of the track. This will be clearly marked. Follow the arrows that are leading you through the 1 way system.
  • Please sanitise your hands as you enter the training zone. There will be a station there as well as between each training zone.
  • Please wait on the track side for your class to start in front of the training zone where your class is. There will be seating here. Keep 2m distance if you are sitting on the pallet seating.
  • If you would like to stretch before or after your class this can be done on the track. Please keep 2m distance apart from others here.
  • Reduced capacity classes will take place. 10 per class at maximum. Each training zone is about 200sqm so with 11 people (10 participants and 1 coach) in each area at most this is more than enough space per person.
  • In each training area there will be clearly defined 2 x 2.5m boxes which will have all your equipment in for the class. There will be a line down the middle of the box which you will do all your exercises on during the class, which will ensure you will stay more than 2m apart from people in the adjacent boxes. Members in adjacent boxes should train back-to-back or side-to-side (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible.
  • In each training area there will be clearly defined 2 x 2.5m boxes which you will stay within during the whole class. All your equipment needed for that class will be in, and around that box for you. Members in adjacent boxes should train back-to-back or side-to-side (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible.
  • Please clean and sanitise your equipment and the floor properly after the class. There will be 10-15 minutes set aside at the end of every class to do this. Your personal cleaning spray bottle and paper towels will be in your box as well as bins close by. Each spray bottle will be cleaned by the coach before the next class.
  • Please do not linger around too much after class in the training zone. We will stagger classes so there will be less congestion between classes. However, if one of the training zones doesn’t have a class going on you are more than welcome to talk and socialise with other members there after the class- but please still keep 2 meters apart and disinfect anything that is touched.
  • We will not be using communal chalk at the gym, if you would like to use chalk please bring your own.
  • Air extraction and ventilation measures will be taken to mitigate the risks of transmission of COVID-19. The front and back entrances to the gym will be open at all times. Our fresh air supply will be increased via our ventilation system. This will be fresh air and not recirculated air. Following guidance from our air con and heating providers, Bespoke Air Conditioning, other changes will be made including; increasing the existing ventilation rate by fully opening dampers and running fans on full speed; operating the ventilation system 24 hours a day and increasing the frequency of filter changes.

Cafe Useage

  • Please minimise the time you spend at the cafe area, especially during the peak hours. There should be no more than 8 people in the cafe at one time. Of course, if it is safe to do so you are more than welcome to use the cafe and socialise after class.
  • Keep 2m distance if you are seating in the cafe.
  • If you use the cafe after class please put on a clean T shirt if you are sweaty or have a shower first.
  • For anything purchased at the cafe please only use contactless payment.


  • If any members would like to know who are our contracted cleaners, they can be looked at here - Total Clean. They will be performing a deep clean before the gym reopens and thorough cleaning every evening once the gym has closed.
  • During the day all communal areas and items- such as cafe tables, doors handles, reception desks and changing room facilities will be disinfected hourly by members of staff.
  • Members will be responsible for cleaning their equipment after use. Coaches will also be disinfecting equipment throughout the day.

To give our members full transparency please find below a link to our Risk Assessment. It is not vital to read this however.

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