We know the world of CrossFit can be quite daunting at times- AMRAPS, EMOMS and the other host of acronyms, but all the membership options and rules that might be different from gym to gym. Here’s some questions answered to hopefully give you an idea of how we do things at CrossFit Putney.

Getting started with us

  • What exactly is CrossFit?

    CrossFit is a structured functional strength and conditioning programme designed to challenge and create the strongest and fittest athlete that you can be. CrossFit uses functional movements bringing in elements from a range of disciplines, including cardio training, gymnastics and weightlifting. The workouts aren’t easy but CrossFit is designed for everyone and can be adapted for all individuals. It is very varied with workouts that are constantly changing and challenging us in different ways so you will never get bored. But it is a community too, a lifestyle. It is our CrossFit family that makes CrossFit Putney what it is. From our coaches to all our members we cheer and support each other during workouts, celebrate our wins and socialise on and off the gym floor. Not only will you get stronger, leaner and fitter, but you’ll join a team whose support you will find extends far beyond the gym doors.
  • Ok so that all sounds great but what’s the best way to actually start CrossFit?

    It’s easy! Get in touch and we can sort you out a free trial class – any class outside of peak attendance is ideal for new athletes. Or, sign up for your membership through our website here. Once you sign up you will receive an email containing details for your WodBoard account where you can sign into classes and manage your bookings. Classes are led by one of our experienced coaches who will take you through and demonstrate all the movements being used in the session. All of our classes last 1 hour, just bring some water and arrive 5-10 minutes before class and you’re ready to go!
  • Can I try a class?

    Yes! Whether you are an experienced CrossFit athlete or a complete newbie, you can come down and try any of our classes in a free trial session. Just get in touch via email, phone or through our Instagram and we will arrange a suitable class with you.
  • I haven’t exercised for a long time, can I do CrossFit?

    Of course! One of the great things about CrossFit is that anyone can do it. Our classes are accessible to ALL levels of fitness and, everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and ability. We are beginner friendly with small class sizes and an excellent community to support you on your fitness journey. We also have lots of different classes not just CrossFit that are suitable for those who want to try something different from the beginning. We recommend trying a free session, then you can always talk through some specific goals or queries you have with your coach.
  • What other classes do you have?

    We have lots of classes on offer at CrossFit Putney all with a different training focus. We have our signature CrossFit classes, strength focused Build classes, technique focused Weightlifting classes, functional fitness Sweat classes, Recovery Yoga, Calisthenics and also Post-Natal classes. Have a look here to read a description of each of the classes.
  • Do I have to complete an induction course?

    You can start your full membership whenever you wish. At CrossFit Putney, we do not have compulsory induction sessions or courses. However, if you are new to CrossFit we advise you to consider a 2-hour induction class 1:1 with one of our experienced coaches who will take you through the key movements and skills used in CrossFit. This can be organised with us, either chat to us at the front desk or drop us an email.
  • I am visiting the area, can I drop in for a one-off session?

    Yes, non-members are more than welcome to come down and train. Drop in sessions allow you to book into any of our classes and experienced CrossFitters can also drop in for open gym sessions. Drop-in sessions cost £22.00 and can be booked online here or give us a call
  • What does ‘scale’ and ‘Rx’ mean?

    Each day the classes have a WOD or “Workout of the day” which will be available at both the ‘Rx’ and scaled categories. The Rx category would be the prescribed workout with the weights and movements that you would expect to see at a competing level of CrossFit. Scaling the workout means you scale back the workload or modify the movements so that the workouts are accessible to all. Almost all of our members start training at the scaled level and progress with experience.

    ‘Rx’ can be a goal of yours, but we cannot stress how important it is to scale workouts to your ability. CrossFit is not about ego, trying to be ‘the lift the heaviest’ or be ‘the fastest in the room’. We want all our members to be challenged, get fitter and stronger, but we want you to work with great technique, be injury free and in the best shape you can be.
  • Do you offer personal training?

    Absolutely we do! All of our coaches offer personal training. Get in touch for more information and to discuss what your best options are. You can let us know which coach you would like or we can pair you with who we think is most suitable depending on your specific training goals
  • Are there any age restrictions to participate in CrossFit?

    To sign up with CrossFit Putney you must be aged 18 or over.
  • Are there any changing rooms?

    We have modern changing rooms with showers and lockers for your kit.

Membership options and queries

  • How do your memberships work?

    At CrossFit Putney, there are no joining fees. Memberships run on a rolling month by month basis except for the class packs which are valid for the specific time for the chosen pack. We do not tie you into contracts as we want all our members to train with us because they really want to be here not because they have to. We also believe our training methods and our amazing community will keep you coming back for more! However, if you do need to end your membership, or if you think CrossFit is not right for you, that is not a problem and you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice period.
  • What does my membership include?

    With all our membership options and class packs you have full access to all the classes and open gym sessions that are on offer at CrossFit Putney. However, the number of classes you can attend depends on the specific membership or class pack that you have chosen. You also have access to all of our community socials, in house team games competitions, members only Facebook group and special offers with our partners, such as pHNutrition and our in-house rehab and therapy partners, The Livewell Clinic.
  • Do I have to join the classes or can I do my own workouts in the gym?

    Yes, you can come a do you own workouts but only during ‘open gym’ times. Check the timetable here. You can use any equipment so long as it is not being used in any classes that are on at the same time. Non-members that have CrossFit experience can also use open gym as a drop-in session.
  • Does Open Gym count as one of my sessions?

    Yes, open gym will count as one of your allocated sessions.
  • How many classes I can book with the unlimited membership?

    On the unlimited membership, you can book into 1 class and 1 open gym or Yoga per day

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