The Frameshakers workshop series

These specialist workshops will be a deep dive into a selection of calisthenics movements, split into three separate sessions, The Rings, The Bar and The Floor.

The Rings will encompass all things ring related. We will cover techniques, basic/advanced movements and the common pitfalls associated with ring muscle ups, false grip, pull ups, dips, levers etc.

The Bar will be everything to do with shaking frames. This means pull ups, strict muscle ups, straight bar dips and levers.

The Floor will focus on strict, static handstands as well as accessory work and variations towards a strict handstand push up. We will also focus on elements of shoulder, wrist and core conditioning, to ensure that your body is primed to perform these taxing movements. 

Whether you can or can’t do a pull up, dip, push-up or handstand, these workshops will be tailored towards a variety of levels ranging from absolute beginners to the advanced, so there is nothing to be worried about.

Our mission is to get you excited about learning how to use your bodyweight effectively and provide you with the right tools to ensure you can learn the movements with proper form. You should walk away from these workshops with a comprehensive understanding of new information that will allow you to work safely on the movements in your own time, ultimately leading to more progress overall. 

We can’t wait to meet you!

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