About The Livewell Clinic

The Livewell Clinic provide premium healthcare on site and with our team of expert osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists, we offer an alternative hands-on approach to keep your body healthy and pain-free.

Our goal at Livewell is to help you maximise your membership. We are here to help you avoid injury, guide you to recovery, and improve your performance. We all know the pressures we exert on our bodies on a daily basis, but a healthy and active lifestyle should be complemented by efficient rest and recovery.

A member having acupuncture performed by a health professional in the clinic space.

Our Services

First and foremost we can address any acute injuries swiftly, find ways to support and speed up the healing process whilst maintaining your ability to train. It is common placed to be told to stop what you are doing or avoid aggravating movements, but this can often create weakness in the movement or the area go the body. By looking at your trains we can modify these movement to help you move well and pain free.

A member in a consultation in the on-site clinic.

Are you cruising through or crushing your workouts? Have you hit a ceiling with your training? Get all of your workout movements screened and with expert analysis we can push you training goals to the next level.Training can be intense and aiding your recovery with a sports massage is a great way to flush out the system and increase your rate of healing. Take the pressure off and enjoy a therapeutic session.

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